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HR Matters Tools and Resource Center
Personnel Policy Manual System

HR Answers and Updating Made Easy

Employment law: analysis, documentation, & support
HR Best Practices: solutions working in the field
Policy Writing and Revision: templates drafted for clarity

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The Ultimate Policy & Compliance Updating, Support, & Documentation System


HR Matters Tools is much, much more than a handbook or policy manual template. In fact, the Model Policy language itself makes up less than 20% of the database. The rest is what makes you an “instant expert.” You have at your fingertips 638 footnotes and discussions of HR best practices, called Management Rationale. Then, added to that, you have 466 detailed studies, called References for Legal Counsel, that analyze and interpret over 1500 laws, regulations, and court cases.

All this is kept up-to-date with regular supplements, newsletters, and Q&A support – all the tools you need to stand out as an expert.

Just picture yourself making policy recommendations to top management – looking good in front of your peers – and then fielding tough follow-up questions – complete with documentation you can point to.

917   Pages (print equivalent)
69   Model Policies covering over 500 policy issues (Click for Model Policy Sample)
638   Management Rationale notes discussing HR background & best practices issues
466   References for Legal Counsel analyzing & documenting legal issues


Citations of laws, regulations, & court cases
43   Quick summaries of important employment laws
50   State department of labor contact information and resources

But, don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one of our long-term subscribers says:

“I just got back from a 3-hour lunch meeting where I reviewed with a vice president all the changes in our benefits and services policies that will appear in the next iteration of our Employee Handbook. I could speak with knowledge, confidence and authority largely because of your Personnel Policy Manual with all of its supporting guidance and documentation. You are my #1 resource when it comes to policies. Keep up the good work!”

Don Jones
Director of Human Resources
Columbia International University
Columbia, SC

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Simplify your day and build immediate HR expert credibility. Just plug into our time-tested system and access all the background, professional knowledge, and legal documentation you need to be the recognized HR policy leader in your organization. But, don’t take our word for it; try it on a risk-free basis, no-obligation basis:

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